9 Low-Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Anyone Can Maintain

Plant Sun Lovers in the Sun:

Choose the right plant for the right place. Shade lovers will struggle in the sun and vice versa. Always read plant tags to ensure proper conditions.

Go With Evergreens:

Evergreens come in various shades and require little maintenance. Dwarf varieties are perfect for smaller spaces and don't need frequent pruning.

Dress Up Your Front Door:

Enhance curb appeal with containers of easy-care annuals. Change them seasonally: pansies in spring, geraniums in summer, mums in fall, or use potted evergreens year-round.

Invest in Flowering Trees:

Flowering trees like Kousa dogwood and redbud trees add beauty with minimal upkeep. They provide seasonal interest without creating a mess.

Raise Your Flower Beds:

Raised beds made of natural stone create a neat, appealing boundary for your yard and are durable.

Opt for Durable Materials:

Use long-lasting materials like Brazilian ipe, domestic black locust, or composite materials for fencing and decks. They outlast cheaper options like pressure-treated pine.

Plant Ornamental Grasses:

Hardy and deer-resistant, ornamental grasses like carex and hakonechloa add texture and visual interest, especially when they sway in the wind.

Add Shrub Roses to Beds and Borders:

Hardy shrub roses like Knockouts are self-cleaning and disease-resistant. They bloom continuously from spring to frost with minimal maintenance.

Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs:

Plant bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths, and muscari in the fall for spring blooms. They are reliable performers that return year after year. Tulips, however, need replanting annually.