8 Trendiest Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 40

Buttery Blonde with Side Bangs:

A youthful color and cut, buttery blonde warms up the complexion and side bangs help conceal forehead lines.

Long Pixie with Subtle Side Bangs:

Adds volume to aging hair, making it look youthful with a stylish long pixie cut and subtle side bangs.

Short Black Pixie with Shaved Sides:

A chic, fashionable edge with deep black hair color contrasting beautifully with short, shaved sides for a modern crop.

Blonde and Rooted Long Pixie:

Offers a textured, lived-in feel with longer strands that can be tucked behind the ears for a softer look.

Messy, Straight Pixie Cut:

Adds controlled texture, volume, and an edgy, fun look to straight hair. Supports creative color placements and requires regular maintenance.

Versatile Natural Brunette Pixie:

A trendy and flexible look with a natural brunette color, best maintained with smoothing cream and shine spray.

Sweeping Brunette Long Pixie:

Features longer front lengths for a soft, feminine frame and shorter layers in the back for movement and texture. Easily styled for various occasions.

Rooted and Sweeping Pixie:

A modern hairstyle with natural root color blending into soft blonde, adding depth and 3D appeal. Ideal for a trendy, low-maintenance look.