8 Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Short Messy Updo with Headband Braid:

Ideal for short bobs, this style features a braided section from side parting to the other side, combined with large curls for a tousled look.

Lacy Loose Messy Curls Updo:

Create a chic faux updo by pulling curled hair to the center and hiding the ends with bobby pins for a twisted formal look.

Wavy Bob with Fishtail Braid:

Curls and fishtail braids blend seamlessly for a princess-like look, perfect for fancy events, even on short hair.

Smooth Updo with Pinned Ends:

Inspired by a bouffant with a modern twist, this sleek style is perfect for formal occasions, using a toothbrush with hairspray for a smooth finish.

Creative Updo for Short Bob Hair:

Combine a straight pixie bob with a loose braid and shadow roots for depth, while side-swept bangs frame the face beautifully.

Cute Looped and Pinned Updo:

Pull strands back and loop the curled ends in the nape area for a classy low bun updo, adding volume at the roots for a formal look.

Curly Bun with a French Braid:

Ideal for shorter hair, a French braid that feeds into a curly bun with a teased crown adds volume and elegance for formal events.

Messy Updo for Short Hair:

Inspired by 40s fashion, this twisted and pinned updo is a captivating alternative to a bun for shorter hair, combining simplicity with a messy charm.