8 Best Hair Colors For Women Over 50

Deep Auburn:

Rich red tones can liven up brunette locks, adding warmth and vibrancy to both brunettes and redheads, enhancing their features with a healthy glow.

Sunset Blonde:

This beachy blonde hue, as seen on Jennifer Aniston, combines brown and blonde tones with hints of gold, creating a warm and bright shade that complements the complexion and brings out natural warmth.

Highlight and Lowlight Ginger:

A girlish ginger red brings a nostalgic touch and vibrancy to hair, curing any dullness and adding dimension. Consulting with a stylist ensures the most flattering shade for individual skin tones.

Dark Mocha:

Deep dive into dark chocolate with rich mocha brown, perfect for olive and tan skin tones. Subtle caramel highlights add depth and statement to the overall look.

Bright Copper:

This bold shade of copper accentuates blue eyes, especially when paired with a trendy asymmetrical cut, adding a fierce and stylish edge.

Champagne Blonde:

Smooth and buttery, this warm, yellow-based blonde tone complements natural hair tones, brightening the complexion and adding softness to facial features.

Toffee Babylights:

Toffee babylights, slightly tawny and metallic-looking, add dimension to warm brown hair and warmer skin tones, offering a low-maintenance yet stylish finish.

Chestnut Brown:

Truer than the tides, chestnut brown with red and golden undertones offers warmth and dimension, flattering all ages with its timeless appeal.