8 amazing things dogs do without even trying


Dogs groom themselves through licking, but it's also a form of communication. They may lick you to express love, seek attention, bond with other dogs, or convey emotions.

Comfort you:

Dogs are intuitive creatures and can sense their owner's emotions. They offer comfort by staying close, cuddling, and offering affectionate gestures like licking your face when you're feeling down.


Many dogs love to play fetch, driven by their prey drive and retrieval instincts. It's a fun activity that allows dogs to bond with their owners while satisfying their natural instincts.

Guide dogs:

Certain breeds, like Labradors, excel as guide dogs for the blind and disabled. They undergo specialized training to assist their owners in navigating obstacles and providing support.


Sighthounds, such as Greyhounds, have a natural talent for chasing prey. Their incredible speed and ability to spot moving targets make them effective hunters or playful companions during games of chase.


Dogs have a strong instinct to dig, whether for hunting, burying treasures, or simply for enjoyment. While it may not always be desirable behavior, it's a natural trait in many breeds.


Dogs howl as a form of communication, expressing emotions or joining in with other howling dogs. While it may seem annoying to humans, it's a fascinating aspect of canine behavior rooted in their wolf ancestry.


Barking is another form of communication for dogs, serving various purposes such as alerting, expressing emotions like fear or excitement, or signaling a desire to play. It's an essential part of their communication repertoire.