7 Low Stress Jobs That Pay Over $70000

Web Developer

Web developers design and create websites, utilizing their coding and programming skills. With a median salary exceeding $70,000, this job offers a creative outlet and flexibility.

Technical Writer

Technical writers produce instructional manuals, guides, and other documentation for complex products or services. With excellent writing skills, one can earn over $70,000 annually in this role.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts use mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations solve problems and make decisions more efficiently. This role typically pays well above $70,000.

Court Reporter

Court reporters transcribe spoken or recorded speech in legal proceedings, ensuring accurate documentation. With specialized training, they can earn over $70,000 while enjoying a low-stress environment.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Sonographers use ultrasound equipment to create images of patients' internal organs and tissues. With a median salary exceeding $70,000, this job offers a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

Database Administrator

Database administrators manage and organize data using specialized software systems. With expertise in database management, one can earn over $70,000 while enjoying relatively low-stress work.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists study the natural world and its processes, addressing environmental issues and concerns. With a focus on research and analysis, they can earn over $70,000 annually in this field.